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The Concept

At KURIOZ, the chef does not let himself be looked into the menu. The concept is simple: every three weeks the theme of the menu changes. Behind mysterious buzzwords such as ''Tomato'', ''Surf & Turf'' and ''Classic'', hides a colourful variety of creations made from high-quality ingredients.

The clues make you curious, let you suspect something and yet do not reveal what ultimately finds its way to the plate.

The classic order of starter, soup, intermediate course, main course, cheese and dessert is set and the you chooses between 4 to 6 courses.
Less is more is the topic in the bar area. KURIOZ convinces with its famous "steak sandwich" and the delicious "KURIOZplatter" to share. Everything is accompanied by fresh cocktails and cheeky bar music.

Himmlisch Nest.jpeg

Tasting Menu

All three weeks the Menu changes and it is always a surprise! 

20.02.2024 - 09.03.2024 Menu ''Carribean''

12.03.2024 - 30.03.2024 Menu ''Herbal Garden''

4- Courses =  97.- CHF

5- Courses = 113.- CHF

6- Courses = 128.- CHF

The classic order is starter, soup, intermediate course, main course, cheese and dessert.

Tuesday till Saturday

6 pm to 10 pm

Reservation highly recommended!

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Lunch Menu

Every week we offer another lunch menu.

Your menu can be build up from one plate to four plates. 

Starter, soup, main and dessert is in KURIOZ available.

Tuesday till Friday

11:30 am to 2 pm

Steaksandwich 1.jpg

Bar Menu

We offer the snack card from 5 pm on with small but super tasty dishes. KURIOZ shines with the classical dishes like the "Steak sandwich", "KURIOZplatter" and the "sweet potatoe fries". 

Enjoy the meals with a nice glass of wine or with one of the best sour cocktails in town.

Everything is accompanied by cheeky bar music.

Tuesday till Saturday

5 pm to 10 pm

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